Welcome to the *anti-200 hour yoga teacher training course* post written by a lead teacher on multiple 200 hour yoga teacher training courses. First things first. I’m not actually against 200 or 300 hour YTTC’s, but I do think that the intention behind them needs to be reconsidered. I’m not here to bash anyone, upset […]

So, you’ve decided this is YOUR year. The year you finally make the change you’ve been putting off. The year you finally change your diet, exercise more, move to a new city, date someone different, read more books, pick up a new hobby, and become the happiest, healthiest, best version of you. Not to rain […]

Let’s talk mental health.  How many people have checked in on you this week?  One? Two?…. Zero? Exactly.  The hard truth is that taking care of your mental health is no one else’s responsibility. That’s not to say I think we shouldn’t be supporting and taking care of each other, but you need to check […]