So glad you’re here. I’m a spiritual mentor, meditation guide, yoga teacher, and plant medicine facilitator. I guide people all over the world through deeply transformative healing experiences through conscious coaching, ceremonies, yoga, meditation, and shadow work.

Part of what led me here was years of gaining insight into the human mind and body through my various trainings and certifications… but truthfully, the main thing that brought me to where I am today was the struggle I faced for most of my life.

You're supposed to be helping others find their way. You coached me last night through my own thoughts.


- alina p.

Ania is such an intentional, caring, and real guide through this process. It is always a little scary being vulnerable, but there isn't a safer space to start your journey. You will not regret making the commitment. 

"This is your sign to go for it"

- Lisa T.

I've been in therapy since I was 15 years old and I've gotten more out of my first month of coaching with Ania than I did the whole time in therapy. I've been learning so much more about myself, I've been connecting with my body, my spirituality, and the higher version of myself I'm on the way of becoming. Ania is one of the most special human beings with a true light in this world where you just feel it without any words. There are no words that could possibly do justice to describe her and her work.

"I have so much love for her"

- Brooke S.

Thank you for being here, and helping me guide myself back home.

"seriously ania, you have changed my life."

- lea d.

You've been so supportive and amazing. I truly don't think I would be able to get through this and be this strong without you.

"You've been so supportive"

- Ali r.

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