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Let’s awaken your soul together.

The fastest way to reach your full, elevated potential is with a balanced process towards growth – that’s why I take a multifaceted approach to healing and focus on different aspects of your life, depending on where you need the most guidance. I want us to be able to connect on a soulful level regardless of the distance between our physical bodies, which is why I offer both in-person and virtual healing sessions. I am here to help guide you towards a place in which you can implement mindfulness and nurture your innermost self as part of your daily routine.

Conscious Mentorship

  • Four 60 minute one-on-one calls
  • Unlimited texting with me
  • Eight Custom Journaling Prompts
  • Self-guided “homework”
  • Suggested reading list 
  • Four 30 minute one-on-one calls
  • Four Custom Journaling prompts
  • Suggested reading list 

awaken your soul with me

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